Get to know Aron Baynes (videos)

If the name Aron Baynes doesn't ring a bell, you're forgiven.

The former Detroit Pistons big man is something of a throwback to another era, and his lack of spacing has made him much less impactful than he might have been in years past. He's got a wide variety of offensive tricks - spin moves, baby hooks, floaters, put-backs - just don't ask him to score away from the basket.

He's also pretty damn good at getting boards, which is more than likely the reason he was brought on. The Boston Celtics lost more than a few battles on the glass last season, and Baynes managed to pull down 4.4 per game in just 15.5 minutes per contest.

So, don't get too excited - this guy will likely see 20 or 25 minutes a game against teams with rebounding, back-to-the-basket bigs, but might barely get off the bench for more modern teams - but definitely get excited, because this guy is a great get for the money ($4.3 million) he'll be earning next season.

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Image: The Pick and Roll/YouTube
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