Gallinari reportedly on brink of 3-team deal to head to Clippers

As Boston Celtics fans wait for Gordon Hayward's decision, another option may be off the table.

Danilo Gallinari, 6'10 combo forward and likely the next-best free agent on the Celts' radar, has been linked to a proposed three-team deal that would send him to the Los Angeles Clippers for three years and $65 million dollars. Los Angeles reportedly would send Jamal Crawford, Diamond Stone, and a first round pick to the Atlanta Hawks, with the Denver Nuggets receiving at least one undetermined draft pick for facilitating the deal.

While certainly a faulted player, Gallinari's connection to this deal would further restrict potential free agency options for Boston. Could the holdup be the awaited notice itself? Or, more likely, are players increasingly signing as soon as a solid deal materializes in an uncertain free agency landscape? The shrinking cap after an unprecedented spike has been playing havoc with many a team's plans, making gauging the outlook of any team as volatile as it's ever been in the history of the modern NBA.

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Photo via Isaiah J. Downing/USA Today
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