Video: Celtics fan burns Fultz jersey

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Talk about misplaced anger. It's not like Markelle Fultz asked for a trade. He wanted to be a Celtic. Bigger question is why would you buy a Fultz jersey prior to the draft? Danny Ainge had four top 7 picks prior to this year and traded 2 of them. I saw some clowns on Twitter guaranteeing that Markelle would be a Celtic and selling Fultz Celtics tees. How are you going to guarantee such a thing?

Burning jerseys is lame. Burning jerseys of players who didn't choose to be traded is even lamer. Spending all your money on a customized jersey of a potential draft pick, and then struggling to burn his jersey because you had no money left to buy a decent lighter has to be the lamest though.

p.s. Should have just sewn a Hayward over the Fultz.