The Rivers family vs Glen Davis saga continues, and it's hilarious

The beef between Glen Davis and Doc Rivers has escalated to include Austin Rivers, former teammate of Big Baby and son of the aforementioned current Los Angeles Clippers head coach. Austin was on FS1's Unidsputed recently and when questions got around to talking about playing for his dad in the NBA the conversation naturally shifted to the comments Davis made earlier this year about Doc being "overrated". The younger Rivers didn't hold back in his take on Davis, and he was particularly peeved at some comments Big Baby made about him as well:
“Pops has said jokes about his weight and stuff like that. It was hard, let me ask you something. If someone is constantly out of shape. Late. Don’t remember the plays, how the hell are you supposed to play? So I don’t know where that even goes with the team. That has nothing to do with him coming at my father, I really don’t care. That’s between him and my pops.

But as far as him talking about me being uncomfortable: that has never had a play in the team. I’ve earned every stripe that I’ve gotten. I’ve earned (all my) playing time. That’s just him talking out the side of his neck. I don’t even understand where that comes from so I don’t even pay that no mind. Waste of my time talking about that.”

Those are some pretty scathing comments about Davis and his work ethic from Rivers. It didn't take long to get a response from Davis, and man is it epic - ***FAIR WARNING: His rebuttal is filled with F'Bombs:

I lost it when Glen came off the tope rope with "your father gave you that money so you could go wear those tight ass pants". Outstanding. I love the fact that he basically confirmed Rivers first two criticisms about him being overweight and late, but saying he didn't know the playbook?!? That's crossing the line!

Hysterical stuff. It's almost as great as Davis' face when Doc shows up on Area 21 last month:

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