Report: Pacers and Lakers have commenced trade talks for Paul George

Egging on one of - if not the - most fluid and chaotic starts to an NBA offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers have officially begun serious talks with the Indiana Pacers regarding a potential trade.

The scenario, which arose after George re-iterated his intent to leave Indiana earlier this week, is not unexpected, with much speculation about what the Lakers could offer that would be worthwhile to the Pacers without hampering their efforts to rebuild abounding. Los Angeles currently has the second overall pick in this draft and several young players who might pique the Pacer's interests, but control no other picks before their own 2019, which would ostensibly be a non-lottery pick should George make it to the team and then re-sign. Of course, this route to landing George is not without risk - one only has to think of Dwight Howard to make such a point.

Expect more details on this developing story.

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