Josh Jackson still won't work out for the Celtics, is waiting until they commit to him

Whether or not you believe the rumors, the Boston Celtics are taking a good hard look at picking Josh Jackson out of Kansas with their pick in the draft coming up this Thursday. The problem is, they still haven't been able to secure a workout with the swingman.

Instead, Jackson seems to be expecting a commitment from the C's front office before he'll show them what he can do in a workout:

There's still no certainty Boston will keep its first round pick in this draft, and it is probably a bad idea to say you're going to draft a guy before you even get a workout with him.

Regardless, Ainge says he can still get the player he wanted with the one pick at three, but we probably won't find out who that will be until the pick is in.

Does this affect how you feel about drafting Jackson? Should the Celtics be targeting Jayson Tatum instead? Should they be looking at someone completely different?

Let us know in the comments below.

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