Check out this breakdown of Fultz's offense with NBA comps (video)

Draft Express is one of the premier resources for scouting college and overseas talent, and they have really been stepping up their game with the 2017 NBA Draft.

No better example of that could be found in this amazing video they assembled of detailed analysis of the various elements of the offensive skills of Washington's Markelle Fultz, the consensus top pick in this year's draft. If you've been on the fence about whether to hang on to the pick or flip it, take a look and re-assess your thinking afterwards. I've been worried a little about the shot selection Fultz has made throughout the season as the only competent source of scoring for a weak Huskies squad, but after viewing the juxtaposition of NBA players using sometimes nearly identical approaches to attack defenders, it's done a lot towards easing those concerns, assuming Markelle responds well to NBA development coaches.

So far, we've got loads of evidence from his collegiate coaching staff that Fultz is in fact eminently coachable, leaving my list of concerns reduced to mild concern regarding defense and motor, emphasis on mild after further contextualization. While flawless is not a word I would use to describe Markelle personally, there's not been many candidates for the top spot I'd use the word on either. With a clearer idea of how existing parts of Fultz's game could be honed to account for the increased length and speed he'll face at the next level, I'm more confident that Markelle's game should translate on at least one end of the floor almost immediately.

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