Ray Allen's publicist says his Facebook was hacked this morning and that post wasn't a response

According to Rachel Nichols of ESPN, Ray Allen's Facebook post from this morning was not a response to the comments from his former teammates Area 21 last night. Apparently his Facebook account was hacked:


You wanna say it was some intern who got carried away and posted it? Sure, I'll believe that. In fact I'll bet that's exactly what happened, but please spare me the "my Facebook was hacked!" nonsense.

If anybody missed Justin's post this morning some of Ray's former teammates aired out their grievances with him last night on Kevin Garnett's Area 21 show that was on intermittently during last night's TNT coverage of the Jazz-Warriors game 4. Earlier today Allen's Facebook featured this picture (has since been deleted), which is the one in question:

Given the timing it seemed like a response from Ray to his former teammates, but since I highly doubt Ray Allen takes any time out of his day to post on his Facebook account I'd imagine it was somebody who works for him that made the post in the first place. Or it was Russian hackers. Yeah, that's definitely it.

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