Green Envy: What Cavs fans said, 5/21

Enjoy this one, folks - it's special.

Special not just because it's almost certainly the last of the season (unless we shock the world and steal a second game), but also special because of how hard-fought, unexpected, and well-deserved this win was for the Boston Celtics and those of us who still tuned in to watch after the last pair of debacles. So get your schadenfreude while it's hot - it could be a while before we've got another batch waiting for you.


This is just a warmup for the Cavaliers right now. With Kwahi Leonard out the Warriors are also just warming up with the Spurs. Lest people forget game 1 the Spurs were winning by 20+ points till Kwahi went down to an intentional dirty play. The main event will be in a week or so. My money is on the Cavaliers defending the title.

We shootin’ FIR3 tonight!

ferreal tho what reason is there to watch the regular season anymore unless you’re a diehard NBA fan. especially as a Cavs fan…


Everyone needs to stay home and let Tristan pay Al straight up

Wouldn’t be surprised if we take our foot off the gas tonight similar to the way we did vs Toronto in G3 but it probably still shouldn’t matter. The offense will still be too good

Stay healthy.

First blood shockingly drawn by the Celtics of Boston.

We’re hitting 3s

Boos as Dirty Kelly checks in. Good job, crowd!

Love shows his Hate for the Celtics.
Olynyk, you created a monster!

The amount of disrespect the Cavs show Kelly Olynyk when they get him on a switch is so great


Zeller got the big rebound and promptly fell out of bounds.

I won’t mind a tight whistle tonight.

Kyrie can shoot again.


Good first quarter. Somehow not a blowout yet.

Cavs on pace for a 44 pt win….but a #1 seed would never lose a playoff game by 44

First lead for Boston in over 48 minutes.
And it’s already gone.

Boston has had the lead for 1:23 in this game, which also counts for this series. They’ve had the lead for 2.6% of this series up to that timeout.

This must be how other teams feel when they play the Browns

I don’t know about those last two fouls.

Kevin why’d you throw that away with a wide open Kyle Korner?

So far, LeBron seems content to get the ball to Love since he’s on fire. Showing absolutely no concern right now for continuing his 30+ point streak.

Here comes a Bron and Korver run.


Refs tryna keep Boston in it, per usual

Take care of the ball better on offense and this isn’t even this close.

I just want to see Irving out of his shooting slump before finals

Shump midranging? He’s gonna get cocky and play out of his lane soon

Shump playing out of his lane = dribbling more than twice


I’m pretty sure that’s John Oates sitting courtside.

He lives in Ohio, if you didn’t know.

Is that Amy Schumer next to him? Sure looks like it.

Yep. I imagine she’s friends with LeBron since he was in her movie.

LeBron is playing around out here.

is channing frye dead?

Crowder is already at 3 fouls.

Sure would be nice to stop turning the ball over.

Shore it up in the 2nd half and we’ll win by 20.

66 point half? I’ll take it

At least Boston is showing fight tonight (much like the Spurs for much of last nights game). Unfortunately for them, it will still be a double digit loss (like last night).

Marcus Smart is the NBA equivalent of a pile-jumper

Stop letting Marcus Smart look like anything more than a flaming bag of feces (which is what he is).

Jesus, what morons some fans are. One guy is STILL actually trying to say Kobe is still better than LeBron and Bron not on his level. I strongly dislike Tom Brady, but I’ve been able to admit he’s one of the two best or THE best qb for a LONG time……..the competition LeBron has faced in the finals is second to none in NBA history……lol, I love how that one guy also said "let’s see what happens when he plays KD for a whole series instead of Harden…" and you were like "ummm, 4-1 2012 finals. Hell, harden, Westbrook, AND KD were on that team. And you can see where LeBron haters are going this year. They’re pretending KD didn’t go and join a 73 win team with 3 other ALL-NBA players and a two time MVP and the only unanimous MVP ever……..if there is really a basketball GOD, I promise the Cavs will smoke the Warriors.

Sometimes you find crazy users there.
"lebron maybe will enter in the top 10 ever if he wins this year" kind of stuff.

If somebody told you the Cavs would score 66 in the half in a ECF game and 8 of those would be LeBron…

LeBron needs 22 more if he wants the record for most consecutive 30+ games in the playoffs.

This appears to be one of those rare games where LeBron is a bit out of sorts. Just not smooth, a bit out of balance and the explosion is missing. Happens to the best of ’em.

I think some of it is trying to not take too much contact before GS

Getting chippy…


Need to extend the lead, they’ll back off when the outcome is determined.

Lebron super sloppy today, only thing he want is stay healthy.

Hope this game ends before Last Week Tonight.

Bradley pushed Kyrie. Would rather Boston just laid down.

You have to force them to. Push the lead to 20+ and they’ll go away.

Here comes the Celtics…

Time for a LBJ 11-0 run.

Any time you want to take over this game LeBron, that would be great.

Number 8 looking for a kick in the face.

Jerebko was bear-hugging Love!

Man korver stay on the ground…

Get korver off the floor. Lord.

Korver has been GOD AWFUL this series

don’t worry. If he struggles like this against warriors, he will be yanked immediately.

One quarter of chaos to go. For the first time this series.

Cavs need to stop screwing around.

those garbage Marcus Smart threes hurt.

Cavs are no-hearting this one.

gettin’ a little close for comfort

I do not have the fortitude to make it through this game. See you all tomorrow

The Cavs are taking their feet off the pedals and giving the Celtics momentum. Come one Cavs! FINISH THEM!

They haven’t mailed it in yet. I’m impressed.

This is one of those games where Cavs get to practice overcoming some struggles. Slow it down, execute, make off-the-ball cuts, find the open man and then clamp down on defense.

First 2 games vs Boston this year were home games where the Cavs built a 20 pt lead and Boston try harded their way back into it. Same story here.

what happened to playoffs lebron?

Got too passive once he saw his teammates doing the work for him.

LeBron is having his worst playoff game since his return in 2014. Unless I’m forgetting another even worse playoff game of his since 2014.

LeBron wasn’t sure what the hell Shump was doing there.

Shumpert is one of the dumbest players in the NBA

Tied. Crazy.

wtf is this Mahcus

How is a 28% 3 point shooter like Smart lighting us up??

Celtics lead.

Endless fucking rebounding for the Celtics.

Can we stop fouling people behind the 3 point line too, please?


We’re seriously gonna let Marcus Smart and Jonas Jerebko beat us in a playoff game.

This game is crazy right now

How the $%&* did they not know that going in is my question



gg Boston

Welp. Good on the Celtics. On to the next.

Strap up and get the next one . well played Boston.

BTW…am I shocked that a Boston team got the luckiest roll on a shot I’ve ever seen…nope


This should be a tough lesson for the Cavs. Don’t be complacent. Otherwise you’ll get burned. Adversity is necessary. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Jerebko thinks he should be the star.

Marcus Smart is so good. He’s a total flopper, but he’s good

Not going away easy tonight.

I don’t think they’re going away tonight

I haven’t been able to see every minute of the game, but I saw most of the first half, and the beginning of the second, and I thought Stevens did a good job making defensive adjustments. Maybe he really is a good coach.

When you play poorly you make yourself a hostage to fortune, alas.

The Celtics are a 1 seed for a reason.

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