Green Envy: What Milwaukee Bucks fans said, 4/12

Well, folks, this was it. We all knew it was coming - including the Milwaukee Bucks and their fans - but for a little while, things looked like the season might end on a sour notes. A late barrage of threes put the game out of reach, but the surprising showing before that led to a little more optimism than you might expect from a middling team resting most of its better players. So, one last time, enjoy the crushed hopes of the Bucks fans if that's your bag, and even if it isn't, there's plenty of chuckles to be had while basking in the glow of the number-one seed Boston Celtics.

Go Bucks! Play -offs!

As a Bucks fan..I wanna say good luck to both teams tonight and in the playoffs..But still hope the Bucks win tonight to finish the reg season.

This will be a nice game for them. Granted they have the advantage of never-before-seen line up. It gets hard to guard what you don’t understand.

This is amazing
Everyone seems to be playing the best the possibly can, and the Celtics have no answer.

This is a fun game
Bucks just look like they’re enjoying the game

Just checked the score….what the heck is happening? Bucks leading by 11 at the end of the 1st? How?

Gotta love taking it to what will be the first or second seed with a lineup that boasts only one true starting caliber player in Brogs
This is fun.
The balanced scoring and the assist totals say it all. These guys like each other and sharing the ball.

I don't even care if this results in a blowout by the 4th
The game has already been far more entertaining than I expected it to be.

Look at how balanced the scoring and assists are.
They’re playing like a team and making good decisions overall.
Everyone is getting the chance to be a playmaker.

Thon having a huge game

Vaughn too surprisingly

wow Boston is really #$%$*ng the bed on this one

#playoffbound #fearthedeer. let's do damage in the playoffs

No idea why Beas takes so few shots...

Does the coaching staff not see the lead slipping away? Why does he just stand there in the corner? It’s amazing no one can just get him the ball. How hard can that be?

This game was close 3 minutes ago.

cant believe that the bucks are still in this kidd coach of the year for sure 2nd unit of bucks look good. Boston still in it. there a great team but im sorry too say if they cant beat my bucks 2nd team i fear the worst in the playoffs for them

We need to run the offense through Beasley.

WHY does this happen? He shoots above 54 percent. Get him the damn ball!

Beasley and Teletovic stinking it up
I guess he’s not ready to lead the team to glory.

Clearly, he's hurt and can't get to the rim and settling for jump shots.

You couldn't be more wrong about Beasley

Bucks, the game is 48 minutes long not 41.

Ok I'm ready to give up my time share on the Mirza Archipelago

Come on Bucks..And hey Celtics fans...the Cavs are getting crushed for

Well the Cs got it done in the end, congrats to them on a damn good season. I hope our young Bucks can be up there soon, even though alot of teams would love to be sitting in the 6th seed. The playoffs are going to be crazy this year!

Good effort at least
Hung with them pretty well.

Celts fans are ecstatic
I would be pissed if our starters played like that against someone’s bench, embarrassing really

If I was Boston I would avoid playing Indiana Pacers in the first round. I don't believe in the Boston hype.

Does anyone see this Celtics team making the conference finals?

Bulls are going to beat Celtics in first round of the NBA playoffs

I think theyll lose to Chicago

Interesting. I can see that happening.
I think they’re in for a long playoff series whatever the outcome. I don’t expect them to get past the second round.

Me neither. They just dont seem that good. I cant see them having the same success in the playoffs that they did in the regular season.

they will play the Bulls in round 1 if they are lucky enough to beat them they will play the Wiz round 2. Cavs won't even have to play Boston. No way they beat beat Wall and Beal. No chance

I will say Celtics fans your team is good this season..But they still wont be the rep for the East in the NBA Championship..It will be the Cavs again

53 win for #1 seed.. Pathetic conference.

#1 don't mean nothing when u going against LeBron tho just be real no one in the east can best the cavs 4 times

should've kept the second seed, now you got the bulls, very tough team despite their record then you're going to face either washington or atlanta ,, you could have faced the pacers which you would have cruised through that , then ya would have had toronto and been reedy for it smh

f the Celtics and their draft picks!
Likely three top 3 draft picks, three years in a row. Damn you Ainge!!! Imagine if he hadn’t included that pick swap part in the deal. I hope they land 4 in this year’s lottery. Hate to see such draft pick robbery, unless it was the Bucks doing the robbing, then I guess it would be okay.

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