Green Envy: What Nets Fans Said, 3/17

The Boston Celtics defeated the Brooklyn Nets on the road without Isaiah Thomas in a close game, 98-95. Things went down to the wire and Boston managed to pull out a win without their star. Given that the Celtics basically robbed the Nets of their entire future, it's not a surprise that they would voice displeasure at the Celtics. Let's take a look at some of their comments:

Top Three:

1. Amir Johnson looks like he suffers from some sort of autism with the way he plays.

2. This Nets team is a playoff team to me

3. Just happy Isaiah Thomas isn't playing because if he was, we'd be getting our asses torn up and hanged on a clothes line to dry off after the pounding we'd take.

Angriest Comment of the Night:

Every time we play Boston, I can't help but to hate Prokhorov even more. Guy gave away our future for the dead corpses of Pierce, KG, and Terry after 1 playoff run. May he and Billy King never ever touch another NBA Franchise again because I swear it'll be contagious.

Best of the Rest:

I want to win this game so badly just to spite the Celtics

Prediction: Horford takes 40 shots tonight and torches us

WTF how is Crowder getting all these calls?

Man I wish Stevens was our coach, he'd prob get our dudes to be a 7th or 8th seed in the playoffs

Lets go Celtics chants are breaking out at Barclays, shoutout to our library quiet fan base for not vocalizing over em

This game is torturous to watch, awful offense on both sides

Jeremy Lin really needs to change his hairstyle, shit is so ugly

Boston completely overpaid for Horford, dudes not worth half the money he's getting

Man we are playin so much better now than we were earlier in the season, although Boston doesn't have IT, still let me have this one thing

I think Terry Rozier is in the bloods


This is such a wasted game if we lost this shit, OMG

Marcus Smart is such a dirty player, always flopping and throwing his body around

This was the worst loss of the year, such a winnable game and....... we blew it again

Kind of love it, the last second of the game will be shown on sportscaster and even though we couldn't hit three shots, kind of good to get us some screen time on SC for the world to see and respect us

Best way to end the night is to drink a handle because this season can't end soon enough for the Nets