Green Envy: What Cavaliers fans said, 3/1

In a game that felt much like the Conference Finals, the Celtics took down LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in a playoff atmosphere at the Garden, 103-99. Cavs fans are a very vocal group and voiced their displeasure at the Celtics and city of Boston itself. Kind of funny considering Cleveland is a trash hole for a city but I digress. Let's take a look at what they had to say:

Top Three:

This is a question we should ask in all American schools: If you are 6'5 and have a 5'9 guy guarding you, should you post him dafuq up?

Every time that hippy looking freak Olynyk comes into the game, I hold my breath. Don't need him injuring another one of our guys shoulders

Marcus Smart should have about $250k in fines after this game with all these flops and fake charges

Saltiest Comment of the Night:

Sad thing is 99% of Boston sports fans are objectively bad people and they get to be happy tonight at our expense

Best of the rest:

Why is this crowd so hyped for a regular season game? Bunch of try hards

I think LeBron gets mad at how strong Crowder is. He can't move him like he moves everyone else

Is IT the new James Harden? This little fool gets every call at the rim

Does Tristian Thompson own the Celtics? Answer: Yes

Oh look Horford is hitting people in the face again

Horford is a low-key dirty player, dude be hitting people in the face all the time

Crowder is the one guy on the Celtics that I think has a legit shot at being able to fight LeBron

Man Bradley d's the fuck outta Kyrie, respect, he's a quiet hard worker

This could be a 90s style Heat/Pacers/Knicks series in the playoffs

With Love and JR back, yeah we're not losing to Boston...

Wow I can't believe how much I hate Boston.

Why Deron Williams look like he ate 5 burgers before the game? Dude is fat as hell

Brad Stevens late game ATOs>>>>>>>>

Who gives a shit if Kyrie thinks the world is flat, this dude keeps hitting layups like this, he could be part of ISIS and we'd still love him

That's a tough shot by Isaiah, he acts like a bitch but tough shot

Boston is the team I hate losing to the most because their fan base equates a regular season win to a playoff series win

Boston is the biggest bandwagon city in the country

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