Throwback Thursday- Down Goes Adrian

Lost amongst the hoopla of Larry Bird's famous steal in Game 5 and the Celtics knocking off the Pistons in a grueling 7 game series in 1987, was the fact that Adrian Dantley and Vinnie Johnson of the Pistons collided late in the 3rd quarter of Game 7.  Dantley, the Pistons' leading scorer at the time, was done for the game with a concussion.  Johnson was on the bench with an ice pack on his head.

Does anyone remember this?  I remember seeing Dantley laying there and thinking he had died.  Would it have made a difference had Dantley stayed in the game?  Remember Detroit was up 5 in that 4th quarter. Could the Pistons have topped the Celtics?

Count me as thinking no.  And thinking Boston still should've been able to beat them in the 88 ECF.  If only they had Antoine Carr instead of Acres and Lohaus.

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