Countdown to the trade deadline: YOUR view on a Jimmy Butler trade

The votes are in on the latest version of a Buckets2BOS rumor, and caution's the verdict.

Most (87%) of you are open to the idea of trading for Jimmy Butler, but more than half (54%) are concerned about what the deal would look like. This is a marked difference from the near-universal support Mr. Buckets had at the start of the season. Probably, there are a lot of reasons for this - Jae Crowder's emergence as a similar (if lesser) player on a MUCH cheaper contract, internal struggles in which Jimmy plays a part, the increasing tangibility of the 2017 Nets Pick, and the fact that recent success would have likely been impossible without the depth of players who'd likely have to be included.

This is further reflected in the results of the second poll, which shows support for a modest (if unrealistic) package of either non-lottery picks and salary (49%) or just salary match (18% and definitely not happening), compared to more realistic packages of lottery pick(s) and salary (29%). If I had to put on my Danny Ainge hat, I'd have to agree with you folks; Jimmy is an All-Star, 27, and on a bargain deal at roughly $18 million a year averaged over the four years of the deal (with three left after this season). You don't hang up the phone if a player like that is available, but you don't mortgage the future, either.

Would he make us a contender? Probably not, especially considering what you'd realistically have to give up to make the trade work. Reports of a package including Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, filler and two Brooklyn Nets Picks would do considerable damage to both long- and short-term contention probability. However, a package built around something like Avery Bradley - who Boston may not be able to afford long-term even if it wants to - and Terry Rozier, Demetrius Jackson, Jordan Mickey, the rights to Guerschon Yabusele plus the 2018 Nets pick and the 2019 Memphis first might actually be enough for Chicago while also leaving the door open for a max-scale free agent this summer.

But enough about my thoughts - let's take a look at some of the stuff you all had to say:

Some of you bid high:
And some of you bid low:

Some of you want nothing to do with him:

And some of you have other ideas:

Some of you had jokes:

And some of you just want it to be March already:

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