Isaiah Thomas is waiting for SOMETHING - the question is what? UPDATE: could it be Larry Sanders?

Isaiah Thomas may be as fed up with all of the rumors swirling around the NBA Trade Deadline as you are.

Or, perhaps, he knows something we don't - as Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons Twitter suspected yesterday, after a series of tweets from Thomas, Andre Drummond and Jae Crowder (as well as some removing of references to the Pistons on Drummond's Twitter) sparked a firestorm of speculation. Today's tweet by Thomas - an hourglass, by itself - could mean anything from a blockbuster being in the works to something of the same feeling a lot of us have.

You know, just wanting it to be over, so we can get on with the season. Nothing much else to see here (yet), but keep your eyes peeled; the deadline's coming SOON.

UPDATE: Larry Sanders is getting in on the action:

WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN?!? Did Danny Ainge catch wind of his workouts with the Cleveland Cavaliers and change his mind? Was the "bad workout" reporting inaccurate?

Only time will tell (pun intended).

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