Update: Andrew Bogut traded to Sixers; Philly trying to move him before deadline


Andrew Bogut was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers along with Justin Anderson and a 1st-round pick in a deal bringing Nerlens Noel to Dallas. Although the Sixers have no interest in keeping Bogut and will try to move him before the deadline today or buy him out afterwards:

In more of a just in case maneuver the Dallas Mavericks held center Andrew Bogut and point guard Deron Williams out of practice yesterday. If anything this signifies that the Mavs are definitely sellers at the deadline today, as they should be. While Williams might not mean a lot to Celtics fans, he's been linked to a possible return to Salt Lake City with his former team the Utah Jazz, Bogut is a player that makes a ton of sense for the Celtics:

He played for both Golden State Warriors finals teams and was a big problem for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers both times. Although he's been injured for a good portion of this season he can still rebound at a high-level. Bogut has only played in 26 games but he's averaging 8.3 rebounds per game in just over 22 minutes per. His veteran presence would also be a huge asset for young Celtics team with little playoff experience. Obviously his injury history is a concern but it's still a move worth pursuing on a 3-month rental.

It seems a play for Bogut is hinging on whether Ainge makes a bigger deal before the deadline bringing Jimmy Butler or Paul George first. According to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald a rival GM told him there's little point to adding players that won't obviously move you past Cleveland or the teams out West:

Said one league general manager, “If you can’t move the needle past Cleveland, it doesn’t mean anything. And that’s not even getting to what’s out west.”

That's a pathetic way to look at the NBA if you ask me. Would Andrew Bogut put the Celtics in the finals? Probably not, but when you have a plethora of first round picks over the next few years and two promising young players overseas and one in the d-league that you already can't fit - using a late 1st-round pick that you have no room for anyway to acquire a player who certainly fills some needs in the short term and is a proven nuisance to your biggest obstacle en route to the NBA finals is a no brainer when you have the assets coming out of your ass like the Celtics have. It sends a message to the team that they are contending. By that ridiculous logic Toronto shouldn't have dealt for Serge Ibaka and why bother getting Bojan Bogdanovic if you're Washington? Cleveland is just too tough everybody should give up. What a joke.

I'm all for the staying put with the Brooklyn picks if Butler and George aren't available or the price is too steep. It's going to set them up for the long term as long as they nail the picks, and while that's no guarantee at least this year with all the talent at the top of that draft they've got a much better shot than most years. But let's not pretend they don't need to make a deal to help shore up the front-line of this team. If it costs you a 1st-round pick next year that you don't have room for anyway so be it. If it's not Andrew Bogut, it better be somebody. Enough with the hoarding of assets we never trade anyway, we can't keep them all.

And then there's this:

I'm sold.


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