Jaylen Brown was invited to the All-Star Dunk Contest but may decline

It has been 10 years since any Dunk Contest participant has repped Celtic green. Rookie Jaylen Brown apparently has a chance to get Boston back in the dazzling dunking display that goes on during All Star weekend:

However, the number three draft pick is unsure if he will participate. One of the rookie's primary concerns about the dunk contest is the toll it could have on his body, and how that could effect his performance on a competing Celtics team. CSNNE.com's A. Sherrod Blakely captured Brown's comments on the matter:

“I’m not worried about anybody or anything,” Brown said. “I think I have a lot to offer. Just like your rookie year, your body and everything … it’s a lot. All those dunks, they look cool but it takes a toll on your body for sure. I want to put myself in the best position to help the team.”

This view may be a result of Brown's teammate Gerald Green, the last Celtic to partake in and win the Dunk Contest. The veteran guard admitted how competing in the contest puts a one-dimensional label on you as a dunker and only a dunker. Telegram.com's Scott Souza highlighted Green's new opinions on the event:

"You get in the dunk contest and they kind of label you as 'just this, or just that,' " Green said. "I think for him it's something that if he wants to do it, he should do it. If it's kind of up in the air, I don't think he should do it.

"Doing the dunk contest is not important. It's something that you either dreamed about as a little kid, or you want to go out there and get a little more recognition. But other than that, once it's over, it's over. It's nothing you can really hold onto.

"Believe me, I know from experience."

It would be perfect if Brown accepted the Dunk Contest invitation. After all, Green + Brown + #7 = Surefire dunk contest champion. It's simple math. Dee Brown won it in 1991 with the number 7 on his green C's jersey -- now it's Jaylen's turn. Well, maybe not. We will find out very soon.

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Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images