I.T. gets 41, Smart & Big Al both add 17 and Rozier hits a big three but the Blazers win (videos)

Isaiah Thomas once again got game-high 41 points but it wasn't enough for the Celtics as they lost to Trail Blazers after overtime. Thomas did all he could, scoring 13 points in the 4th and adding some more in the extra time as his dad was watching from the sidelines. Isaiah is now second best scorer in the league!

Al Horford scored 17 points, including 2/2 from the 3-point line to go along with nine boards and five assists, bouncing back from a bad game he had against the Knicks.

Marcus Smart finished the game with 17 points on his own, being one of the six Celtics players that got into double-figures. Smart added six rebounds and six assists, one of each coming in the overtime when he got offensive rebound and threw it back to Isaiah who hit a three. Too bad the Trail Blazers found a way to win it anyway.

Terry Rozier played probably his best game this season, scoring 15 points to go with three rebounds and three assists. The most important points came in the fourth quarter as Rozier hit the game-tying three with seconds left on the clock!

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