Did Boston whiff on Kyle Korver by not beating the Cavs' offer?

The Boston Celtics didn't trade for Kyle Korver - was that a mistake?

The Cleveland Cavaliers just made themselves a little harder to beat in the ongoing contention arms race, and the Celts could almost certainly have made the Atlanta Hawks a better offer. While final terms of the deal yet remain unclear, the Cavs acquired the lethal sharpshooter for a top-ten protected first round pick and salary match; regardless of whether or not Mike Dunleavy or him and Mo Williams end up in the finished trade deal, Boston's copious assets and players could have probably put together a better package.

Why didn't Danny make the call?

Granted, Korver's aging and on an expiring deal, but it's not as if a short-term rental that could possibly boost the team's seeding would have hurt longer-term free agency and trade aspirations. If anything, these characteristics would have made for a good fit as trade partner. Perhaps the Hawks are still unhappy about losing Al Horford in free agency this summer, making such a deal's possibility moot.

A package like James Young, Gerald Green, cash and Boston's unprotected 2018 first round pick would not only have moved two players who won't be on Boston's roster (but could be of value to a rebuilding team like Atlanta now is) while reducing the Celts' potential cap hits stemming from a likely low-value pick when they may need it most.

Perhaps there are other reasons - other targets - influencing Danny Ainge to hold onto everything they have for, in the hopes that they will still have what it takes to make the deal that launches the squad back into instant contention without mortgaging the future.

Only time will tell.

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