Cousins reportedly intends to sign massive extension with Kings

How I imagine DeMarcus looked when they offered him a fifth of a billion dollars.
DeMarcus Cousins plans to sign a roughly $207 million dollar extension with the Sacramento Kings, according to CSN California's Jon Ham.

Earlier this week, ESPN's Marc Stein reported the Kings were planning to offer the extension, and it seems, at least for now, the team has a willing partner in the deal in Cousins. According to the rules of the new collective bargaining agreement that has recently come into effect, Cousins will be eligible for the newly-created designated player exception. The deal would allow cousins to earn a full 35% of the cap, currently projected at just over $102 million per year next season.

A lot could change between now and when the deal can be finalized on July 1, 2017 - especially with so many volatile parts involved - but for now it looks as if the chances for many teams around the league monitoring the situation that they will not be able to pry the star big man away in free agency once his current deal expires. Of course, this does not rule out acquiring his services in a trade, though DeMarcus' DeMeanor may make more than one general manager hesitant to lock up so many years and dollars of payroll in a player with Cousin's reputation.

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