Could Rajon Rondo's next stop have him teaming up with LeBron James in Cleveland?

First teammates with Wade. Next LeBron?
LeBron James acknowledged the Cleveland Cavaliers' need for a backup point guard with Mo Williams still taking a roster spot.

The Cavaliers are monitoring Rajon Rondo's situation with the Chicago Bulls while Mario Chalmers is also on their radar as he works his way back from a torn Achilles.

Well according to Cavs GM LeBron James, the Cavs need a back-up point guard. Who knows how former Celtic Rondo would fit in a diminished role with Cleveland. It sure would be odd to see him on the Cavs. He's registered three straight DNP CD's with the Bulls after only playing 11 minutes the prior game.

It's doubtful any team would trade for Rondo unless they were unloading a bad contract. For Rondo to end up in Cleveland, the Bulls would likely have get Rondo to agree to a buyout. The Bulls are notoriously cheap, especially for a large market team, so not sure how well those negotiations would go. Rondo likely would want the vast majority of his contract. He's not going to give like $5 million back. But if he agreed to a buyout, he could then sign with the Cavs for the minimum and chase another ring and try to rejuvenate his career.

More likely the Cavs will just sign LeBron's former teammate Super Mario. Less chance for team discord. And before anyone thinks it, no Boston should not pursue Rondo. Loved him back when he was a Celtic. Those days are over though.