Celtics jersey ads revealed (Spoiler: Not as bad as they could be, still 100% unnecessary)

If you are going to have to have ads, this isn't that bad, but I still feel like ads are completely unnecessary. The NBA due to rising interest by fans got a sweet new TV deal. With that deal, the values of teams went up and both billionaire owners and millionaire players got a lot richer. One thing that didn't happen with all this new money was any benefit to the fans. No lower ticket prices. No freeze on ticket price increases. No lower costs for NBA TV.

And with these ads on jerseys, again the rich get richer and no benefit to fans. It's not like these jersey ads are going to be the difference in re-signing or not signing your star free agent. The NBA is not the WNBA or another league that needs to think outside the box to make money. They aren't in the red. Jersey ads were unnecessary.

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