Announcing CelticsLife - the podcast!

The NBA media landscape is evolving, and with it, so is CelticsLife.

The growth of sports podcasting - particularly basketball podcasting - has taken off over the last few years, and we would be remiss if we did not evolve to meet the needs of those of you who have come to enjoy your basketball news and discussion in audio form. Really, it was a no-brainer - here at CelticsLife, all we do is talk Celtics basketball (shocking, I know!), and putting our text-based efforts into a sound-based format was probably only a matter of time - until now!

We're proud of the podcast we've put together, and plan to record at least one per week, focusing on the big stories, week ahead, and the results of the week behind us. Expect to hear from regular CelticsLife writers like myself, Luis Gonzalez, Mark Alison and Topher Lane, and in the future, we'll probably have some guests on occasion to offer up their expertise or unique perspectives on the association. For now, we're hosting the pod on Soundcloud for those of you who prefer downloading your pods, and Mixcloud for those of you who prefer streaming, but will move to a hosting service with Android podcatcher compatibility soon.

Bear with the minor bugs, the length (we had no idea how much we had to say!), and the rawness of our beta episode - we're just getting started, and will tighten up with your patience - and suggestions. So don't hold back! If you hear something you like, let us know, and if you hear something you don't, ALSO let us know.

That's all for now - enjoy!

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