Brooklyn Nets close to signing Houston Rockets' RFA Donatas Motiejunas

NBA oracle Adrian Wojnarowski has reported the Brooklyn Nets are close to signing Houston Rockets' restricted free agent Donatas Motiejunas to an offer sheet, possibly as soon as this Friday.

Motiejunas, at odds with the Rockets' front office since they offered a deal rumored to be in the eight million dollar range over the summer, has been holding out for a better deal. Houston will have three days to match whatever Brooklyn tenders to Donatas, but to date has been hesitant to sign the big man, whose health issues have given teams pause after failing a physical exam for a trade that would have sent him to the Detroit Pistons last year.

Boston Celtics fans should keep an eye on this; a shorter-term but higher value contract is certainly possible for the Nets with minimal risk to the team's bleak future, and the currently over-performing squad's win total could be expected to rise even further if the deal goes through. With unexpected teams like the Dallas Mavericks already out-tanking the Nets (and hurting the value of Boston's 2017 pick swap), lets hope the Rockets outbid them.

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