Winter is coming; so are Brian Scalabrine jerseys

The holiday season is upon us and Celtics fans are receiving the news that the best gift we've gotten since our old pal Billy King emptied his savings account for us is on the way. Word on the street is Brian Scalabrine jerseys are coming - and by that I mean that news came straight from Scal's twitter-fingers:

Let's hope his claim here is more validated than his Klay Thompson rumors from last week. They probably should've done this a while back, but I would assume a there's still a good amount of people that would love to add a #44 Scalabrine to their jersey rotation. It's a great idea to support a local charity, and they can probably raise quite a bit of money for whatever cause they end up choosing.

So all you Mamba junkies hold off on getting your Scal jersey custom made through the NBA store, the real deal is coming. Now if only we could get an instructional video on that majestic jump shot:

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Photo Credit - Brian Babineau, GETTY IMAGES

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