Best scoring season for a player under six feet? IT is making it happen

Earlier this season Nike unveiled a tribute to Isaiah Thomas at North Station, home of the TD Garden, in Boston. Banners were hung from the rafters and placed onto walls, the message: pick me last again.

Thomas has oft-used him being the last pick of the 2011 draft as a motivating factor throughout his NBA career. Standing at 5'9, Thomas has faced constant scrutiny from pundits across NBA circles due to his stature. Hell, he didn't even make it onto the FiveThirtyEight's list of the 53 best franchise players.

He's too short. He can never lead a team to a championship. If Thomas is your best player then you're in trouble. He struggles against long teams.

Time and time again these arguments, and more, have come up to dismiss Thomas' accomplishments throughout the years. Since being traded to the storied franchise that is the Boston Celtics, IT has enjoyed a much greater spotlight that culminated in his first NBA All-Star appearance last season.

The move to Boston could be seen as a career defining move for Thomas. He would eventually work his way into the starting role he desired for so long and became the go-to guy for the C's.

This season, Thomas has been on a torrid pace, averaging 26.2 points per game and has surpassed the 20 point mark in all but one game this season. These averages rank him third amongst point guards, with only Russell Westbrook and Damien Lillard scoring more. If Thomas keeps up this pace, not only will he secure his second All-Star nod but he may shoot himself into the record books.

Thomas is on pace to have the greatest single-season scoring averages ever among players under six feet.

This, and arguably last season, too, Thomas has forced his critics to finally admit that he is one of the top players in the NBA, regardless of stature and achieving a feat like this would further legitimize his career. He's putting up better stats than some established All-Star's such as Kyrie Irving and Kyle Lowry and has been an absolute beast in the fourth quarter of games.

He's great for a player under six feet. He's good for a little-guy. 

Unfortunately, all of his accomplishments have to be viewed through the lens of his size. But if IT accomplishes this feat he probably won't mind being reminded that he's under six feet tall.

Photo credit: David Dow/Getty Images
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