Jaylen Brown is not feeling the first nickname attempt for him

A couple weeks back, CSNNE's Kyle Draper tried to give Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown the nickname "The Poet". It wasn't exactly well received:

So Kyle went on TV to defend his universally mocked attempt at a nickname for Brown, and was again bombarded with criticism from his colleagues. Well now we have a official weigh-in on the matter from Jaylen Brown himself. He sat down with CSNNE's Abby Chin to set the record straight:

First of all, after just three NBA games there is no way we should be trying to think of nicknames for anybody. The only thing more ludicrous than that is that Draper came up with his idea two weeks before the season started.

Celtics legend Paul Pierce played for 3 seasons in the NBA before getting named "The Truth". Speaking of that, here's the origin story behind one the the game's all-time greatest nicknames:

Photo Credit - CSNNE.com

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