Can Avery Bradley continue his hot start?

Avery Bradley has been the best player for Boston through the first five games. He's putting up career numbers in just about every category and is proving to be an essential part of the Celtics game plan. If AB is able to maintain these stats, would he then be considered the most valuable member of the team? With all the early success, it will be interesting to see if Bradley can carry this momentum throughout an entire NBA season.

Up to this point, the most noticeable improvement has to be the rebounding numbers. Though it is an area of weakness for the Celtics overall, Bradley seems committed to crashing the glass on both sides of the floor. Generally, it would be a lot to ask of an undersized guard to keep hitting the boards at the pace he is currently on. I would expect his per game totals to take a little bit of a dip as the year progresses, but it should still be well above his career average (2.7).

It's crazy to think that Bradley is the longest lasting Celtic on the current roster, having played six total seasons in green. Now he is about to turn 26-years-old, having yet to really enter his prime, but is essentially leading the C's squad in multiple facets of the game.

"Elite" two-way guards don't come often in the NBA, because of that, Bradley's $8 million contract over the next two seasons may be one the best bargains in the league. Especially when considering the ridiculous deals players are getting in free agency. Make sure to enjoy the Isaiah Thomas-Avery Bradley discounted backcourt while you still can.

For the remainder of the season, a large part of the Celtics success will depend on if Bradley will be able to sustain his efficient play. Thomas can only create so much by himself, while Al Horford has yet to really impress anyone with his numbers. Not to say the team lives and dies by AB's game alone, but if Boston wants to make a deep playoff run, Avery has to continue to step up.

Photo Credit: Eliza Amendola

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