So Walter McCarty has his own line of socks...

Most people, when given a compliment about something they're wearing, take it in stride. Maybe it puts a smile on your face, or even just a little satisfaction that you have good fashion sense.

Those people are not like Celtics assistant coach Walter McCarty, who decided to start his own sock company after too many compliments during games about his fresh footwear. Via Erica Corsano, Boston Herald:

“Everyone has complimented me on my socks, every single game ... and I realized that I was giving publicity to other companies and I thought, this has to stop.”

Lucky for Walter, a buddy of his used to work for Reebok. So with a little help from his friend Justin Kittredge, Eight Two Socks were born.

Apparently, good socks for big guys are as hard to find as sneakers, at least that is according to Jeff Goodman of ESPN:

The former Celtics big man's socks can be found online at, and in a boutique clothing shop in Boston called Bodega, for about $19 a pair.

But don't worry about Walter leaving the Celtics bench to start slinging socks full-time if they become a big hit, he's not going anywhere:

“No, I’ll always be a coach. I’ll just have the coolest socks out there, too.”

Just another reason to love Walter.

Photo Credit: Stuart Cahill

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