Gerald Green wants to dunk less, win more

Gerald Green is pumped to be in Celtic green again. After signing with Boston as a free agent in July, the former first-round pick is back where his NBA voyage began over ten years ago. Green discussed many topics during media day, but every answer drew to a common theme: Winning.

First and foremost, I've got to talk about the fresh new hairdo. For someone who has gained a great deal of maturity and perspective since we have last seen, this is quite a bold move. I guess Green was thinking "new year, new me?" Either way, I'm all for it:

While weighing his options prior to the free-agency period, it wasn't about getting a ton of minutes to showcase his major hops or athleticism. Boston's team chemistry and energetic culture played a role in his decision, along with the presence of Isaiah Thomas:

Green is past the flashy dunking phase of his career, although us Celtic fans sure hope he still puts it on display once in a while. Being considered a veteran, he is now more focused on winning a championship:

Whether it is serving as a guide for Boston's youngsters while only seeing a couple minutes a night, or playing a key role off the bench, Green's main concern now is to experience team success. And speaking of his role, the 30-year-old guard believes he can still have an impact on a contending squad:

Glad to have you and your hops back, Gerald!

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