Al Horford explains why he chose to join the Celtics

Based on what Al Horford said at media day this afternoon, it sounds like part of him has wanted to be a member of the Boston Celtics ever since he first came into the NBA:

As we've heard before, his experience when the Hawks took on the Celtics in the postseason last year clearly affected his choice:

It's funny now to look back at how last season unfolded.  At the time, I was irate that Boston got screwed over by absurd tiebreaker rules and was forced to take on Atlanta as the No. 5 seed.  But if that'd never happened, it's quite possible Horford wouldn't be here now.

The big man elaborated on how C's fans may have played a part in his decision:

Plus, there's this:

Best of all, the four-time All-Star sounds quite confident about the future of his new ballclub:

Banner No. 18 Al, we hope you can help bring it here.

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