The Brooklyn Nets look exactly like you want them to

The Brooklyn Nets are not a very good basketball team. Don't believe me? Enjoy this picture from media day that encapsulates what this team is going to be like:

The dysfunction of this picture feels so fitting for this years Nets squad. Chase Buddinger looks like he's contemplating his decision to have signed with Brooklyn. Rookie Yogi Ferrell is definitely looking sadly off into his future with the Nets, and the only happy one is Beau Beech who's also blinking. Jorge Guttierez is concerned with fixing his shorts/boxers and I genuinely don't know who that fifth guy is.

So band names? Some of my favorites in the comments were "The Who?... no really... who are they?" "Tears for Years" and "the Expendables."

The Celtics and the Nets have a pick swap in this year's draft, so the worse Brooklyn does, the better chance the Celtics have of locking down the number one overall pick in 2017. So pictures like these are great to reassure fans they've got nothing to worry about from the Nets this season.

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