How the Celtics have fared against good and bad teams in the Brad Stevens era

We all know that the Celtics have improved every year since Brad Stevens has taken the reigns as Head Coach. CSNNE's Celtics Twitter account put out a great look at how they've improved record wise against good and bad teams with each progressing season. The splits are pretty impressive, and hopefully the trend continues, and the C's can manifest it into winning Brad's first playoff series.

Going above .500 against teams who have a record that is also above .500 seems to be the last goal of the regular season that would point towards playoff victories. With many factors contributing to ESPN Insider ranking the Celtics 2016-17 schedule as the NBA's easiest, they could very well pile up a lot of wins just by playing at the same level as last season. If they beat up on the bad teams and still slightly improve their record, maybe they can nail down a high playoff seed and face a weaker opponent.

In the NBA Playoffs though, you usually have to beat a good team. If the Celtics can get up and over .500 against good teams, and still beat up on weak opponents, there is a very good chance they will be winning a playoff series, or even two, this upcoming NBA Season.

Photo Credit: Julie Cordeiro/NBAE via Getty Images

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