Semih Erden to make an NBA comeback, Celtics are interested?

Are you ready for a Semih Automatic comeback in green? According to EuroHoops, you should be:

The 29-year old player has already arrived in Las Vegas where the summer league is held, accompanied by his agent Tolga Tuksavul. They will have meetings with five NBA clubs and Eurohoops sources can confirm that the Boston Celtics is one of them.

The Celtics was also the team which drafted Semih Erden back in 2008 and then initiated him in the NBA in 2010.

First things first: I can't believe that it's been almost 6 years since Semih was watching Shaq with curious eyes and trying to understand what the heck was going on:

But yeah, back to the subject matter. EuroHoops spelled his agent's last name wrong, so that throws me off a bit but I still do think it is a semih-plausible comeback attempt.

Semih is the starting center for Darussafaka Dogus (David Blatt's new team!), but he played a measly 19.2 min/game in Turkish League and 22 min/game in Euroleague (adjusted for a 48-minute game) for them this past season. His stats (per 36 mins) were 17.6 points, 9.4 rebounds, 2 blocks and 3.3 turnovers in Euroleague, which is the better quality competition yet is in no way comparable to the NBA. He still turns the ball over and cannot shoot free throws (yet he's better than DeAndre Jordan and Andre Drummond!), but of course he's a 7-footer who has some NBA experience.

I mean, Sergio Rodriguez made a comeback at the age of 30 and signed with the 76ers for $6.8mil/year, so who is to think that Semih won't be able to come back? I'm quite sure that deal played some role in Semih's visit to the Summer League in Vegas. He's smart in trying to see if anyone would like to invest in a tall, semih-rim protecting (this is the last pun I promise) and rebound pulling Center.

Of course the Celtics have a negative number of roster spots available right now, so I don't think we are signing him barring making any moves in the near future, but hey, stranger things have happened.