Kevin Durant's decision is worse than LeBron's was

Lets get some things out of the way first. Did I want Durant to sign with the Celtics? Yes. Would I have been thrilled with Kevin Durant's decision if he chose Boston? Of course. But here's the thing, I the chose to stay in OKC, I would have been fine with that. If he decided to go to the Spurs, I would have been fine with that. The only team that he could choose that I would be disgusted with was the Warriors. They won 73 games this past season. You're a star in your prime just riding the frontrunner bandwagon.

LeBron James received a lot of heat (no pun intended) for choosing winning over money and teaming up with Bosh and Wade in Miami. I was pissed at that super team then, due to their stacked squad, but it wasn't like Wade and Bosh alone would have been a 73 win team. They needed LeBron to be great. The Warriors are already great. Historic 73 win season great. Durant isn't teaming up with a couple stars to get a title. He's basically just tapping out and saying he'd rather have guaranteed titles than battle and earn them. It's the ultimate frontrunner play. I don't care how he or anyone spins it. It was a weak move.

The Celtics dominated Wilt Chamberlain year after year, but you didn't see him go and sign with the Celtics. Yeah he'd have won many rings, but he would be admitting he's just not up to competing and doing it himself. Chamberlain won two titles on the Lakers. Trust me those two that he led his team to are worth more than tagging along with another team. Durant fully was within his rights and freedoms to move on from OKC. He'd be stinking rich whether he stated there or not. If he chose to leave a little gravy money on the table for happiness, props to him. If he chose the Spurs, more power to him. If he chose the Heat, I'd be even fine with that. Again LeBron didn't join a championship team. Durant's decision was basically like if Michael Jordan was tired of competing with the Pistons and just signed with them. And the Pistons weren't even a 73 win team. Not bitter that Durant didn't choose the Celtics. Disappointed that he tapped out on competing.

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