Video: Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge talk contract extensions

In an era when the best coaches want full power over personnel, we have Brad Stevens with his, "My voice is plenty loud." Stevens also says he doesn't care at all about being one of the highest paid coaches, that he's been paid more as a coach than he ever dreamed of.

I know a lot of fans turned on Doc Rivers when he left, but I remain a fan of his. But even with that said, Rivers leaving and Stevens being hired was one of the best things to happen to the Celtics. I'd love for Stevens to remain our coach for the next 25 years.

Of course Danny Ainge also received an extension. And while sometimes I think Danny is a bit overrated (especially with regards to drafting), he deserved his extension as well. Plus he also deserves credit for the Stevens hire.

A few more videos from yesterday:

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Celtics reach contract extensions for Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge