Brad Stevens says he doesn't care about being one of highest-paid coaches in NBA (w/ video)

After yesterday's press conference to announce new contracts for Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens (the terms of both have not been disclosed), Stevens answered some questions from the media.  At the 4-minute mark of the video below, CSNNE's Abby Chin asks Brad if it's important for his salary to be competitive with the top-paid coaches around the league:

The full quote, via Jay King of Mass Live:

No, not in the big picture. For me, personally, I've gotten paid more to coach than I ever dreamed I would be. I certainly don't take for granted anything and I've got a heck of a deal. And that's good enough. I'm very thankful for that. No, it's not important to be up in the top whatever. That doesn't cross my mind.

Also via King, what Stevens said during the press conference about the negotiation process (his wife Tracy, a lawyer, serves as his agent):

I'm not big into negotiations and I don't have a third party doing that for me. It's just, 'Hey, we want to extend you, here's what we're thinking and what do you think?' Then a little bit of back and forth between us. It was a pretty quick process. It wasn't very long. Again, we were flattered to be asked to do that and it provides good stability for our family, too. I understand that these things can change in coaching. Ultimately, we're excited to be offered that opportunity.

We don't know what Stevens' new contract is worth, but here's what we do know:

If it's not the money that matters to Stevens, what is important?

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