Celtics Draft Night Live Blog: Round 1

The 2016 NBA Draft starts at 7:30PM.

As of 7:07PM, the Celtics still have 8 picks, 2 non-guaranteed contracts, a bunch of young players under contract on cheap deals, and have appeared in 100,000,000 trade rumors.

In the first round, there will be, ok, might be some more clarity on what the Celtics roster will look like for 2016-2017. Any way you slice it things are about to happen tonight, so good luck out there and stay safe.

Check back here for more updates as the Round 1 unfolds!

7:18 Is something going to happen with a trade at number 3?!?!? Brad Stevens is happy. David Aldridge is saying the Celtics are driving a hard bargain, which means there are offers on the table:

7:27 Are the Sixers willing to overpay?

7:29 Oh, hello Chicago Bulls. Jimmy Butler would be nice.

7:32 This is getting intense. Where's that 2017 first?

7:36 OK. Things are escalating.

7:38 Sixers draft Ben Simmons. Marc Stein just reported on ESPN that Sixers have offered the best package for the third pick. Lakers on the clock!

7:41 Let's do this Danny.

7:42 Enough is enough. Something is going to go down.

7:43 Brandon Ingram goes to the Lakers. Ainge has five more minutes to make a deal.

7:46 It's coming down to the wire. But this is likely what's happening.


Then there's this.

7:51 The pick is Jaylen Brown.

7:53 I'm not sure why you don't pick Dunn here and have an auction. I don't get it.

7:57 Brown is the Celtics guy. He's not going anywhere.

8:00 Phoenix takes Dragon Bender with the fourth pick, setting up a Kris Dunn to Wolves possibility. Happy for Thibs...

8:06 Wait, this is all you need to do to get Butler? And we couldn't do it? Having a hard time not swearing right now.

8:07 Kris Dunn officially goes to the Wolves. That young core is nice.

8:15 Wolves going after Butler. The Celtics don't seem to be involved in much chatter right now. Buddy Hield to New Orleans. Murray to Nuggets.

8:19 Pretty sure the fireworks that Wyc promised could just be a self-fulfilling prophecy of his head exploding later on tonight.

8:22 Could it be the Celtics for Chriss?

8:23 Nope. It's the Suns.

8:29 Here's what it takes to move up in this draft.

8:30 Are we seriously not going to make a move tonight?

8:32 The Raptors go with Jakob Poetl. And apparently #10 is going to be the first surprise of the draft.

8:37 Text from buddy compares Jaylen Brown to Kedrick Brown. Draft night is not going as well as I had hoped.

8:41 If I'm Danny I'm just going pick two out of IT, Smart, Bradley, Crowder at this point.

8:48 Holy shit. Why aren't the Celtics in on these deals?

OK that's actually a lot.

8:55 So apparently the Hawks traded for the 12th pick in order to pick Taureen Prince who could have been had in the second round? Draft is about to get weird.

8:58 This.

9:03 The Kings use their pick on some random Greek guy that Ford had going in the second round.

9:08 Can we just get Denzel Valentine at 16?

9:09 WTF. No. Because the Bulls just took him at 14. This isn't fun.

9:12 Will the Celtics take Luwawu out of France with the 16th pick and cause full scale riot at Draft Party?

9:17 Celtics on the clock. Ellensen, Baldwin, Davis, Beasley, Skal on the table for Celtics.

9:26 With the 16th pick in the draft...

French Draymond Green? Those highlights looked cool.

9:31 Pretty much.

9:34 Pressure might be off to learn how to spell whoever the Celtics picked at 16 this year.

9:39 At least there's this:

9:44 Denver selects Malik Beasley who is a great shooter which is what the Celtics need.

9:45 The Hawks seem to want draft picks. Can we trade a few second rounders for Kyle Korver? Or something?

9:51 OK, so 23 is just around the corner. Nets just picked Levert out of Michigan/the hospital. Maybe we roll the dice on Skal for 23? Davis from MSU? One of those two big dudes from Croatia? The Washington Murray? Another French guy (Luwawu)? Richardson from the Cuse? I could get behind some of those guys.

9:58 Not feeling feelings about other team's picks at this point.

10:03 It's Malachi Richardson to the Kings with the 22nd pick. Celtics on the clock.

10:09 Skal is so not a Celtics pick. I bet it's Brice Johnson. I don't know anything anymore.

10:12 It's Ante Zizic. Huge Croatian guy.

10:13 Fran Fraschilla on ESPN says he's tough and then tells a story about him selling beach chairs as a ten year old and I don't know what's going on. Then he says it's a steal. We shall see.

10:19 So there's this:


10:29 If this doesn't turn your frowns upside down, I don't know what will.

10:36 Pascal Siakam to the Raptors at 27. Looks like one of the three guys left in the Green Room will be available for the Celtics at 31. Skal, Murray, Davis the last guys left at the party.

10:42 Skal is probably the most ideal pick for the first pick of the second round, right? Huge upside. Limited risk. Chad Ford had him going to the Raptors at 9.

10:43 Of course the Kings pick Skal. I'm done. This live blog is over.

Celtics get their guy with Jaylen Brown at 3. No fireworks. A couple foreign players. Considering the amount of smoke leading up to the draft, it's a surprisingly quiet night for the Celtics. Can't imagine they will use all their second round picks, but be sure to check in with our Round 2 live blog to find out what goes down.