Kelly Olynyk undergoes surgery after all

Kelly Olynyk underwent a successful right shoulder arthroscopy for recurrent subluxations on Monday.

He will begin an immediate rehabilitation program and the time frame for his return to basketball activities has not yet been determined.

Good news. Mark had a solid take on this yesterday, so there is not much to add.
Here's my take: Kelly knows he needs to get this done, and he most likely will in the very near future. However, he's delaying the decision as long as possible because giving up his dream of playing in the Olympics is not an easy thing to do. We're not talking about an American superstar like LeBron James, for whom Olympic hoops is an afterthought. I'm sure the chance to represent Canada in basketball is a huge deal for Olynyk and an opportunity that's extremely difficult to let go of.
Olynyk simply was not in the position to postpone the surgery. Hopefully he can suit up for Team Canada in 2020, as long as he's not exhausted from our 4th straight championship season of course.