Green Envy- What Hawks fans said-Game Three-4/22

That was...awesome. I tweeted out during Game 2 that Isaiah Thomas was turning into Mr. February. Welp, he shut me up along with a lot of fans in Boston with that 42-point performance for the ages. Glad to see the Garden rocking again, and even happier to read the Hawks fans confidence crumbling before our eyes:

No Love for Coach Bud:

Will Bud please frigging sit Milsap!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Why does Bud play so many bench guys at once This aint the regular season

FIRE MIKE BUDENHOLZER! Luke Walton anyone!!!

Does our coach realize this is the playoffs?

Budenholzer is SO CLUELSS!!!

Bud are you even watching the game

Sorry but this game is on Bud thus far

Chemistry Bud screwing the lab composition

Bud's halftime message, "more of the same, just like the first half!" ????

Should have hired Thibedeau when they had the chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bud is soft, so are his Hawks..

One of the most pathetic quarters I have ever some from a veteran good defensive team in the playoffs. Coach Bud playoff substituton patterns leave a lot to be desired

The Hate for Millsap is Great:

Milsap stinking the joint up early

Millsap? $20 million man. Funny.

Will Milsap stop pump faking. No one is fooled.

With Millsap either he got old in a hurry or getting the big $ took some edge off.

Don't give the ball to Milsap please

Milsap has been frigging horrible! If Bud does not get Hump some of his minutes then he frigging sucks also

Sap needs to get the start of Gm 4 off

Thanks for losing us this game paul

Thanks Sap

Milsap you suck and lost this one. Congratulations garbage.

The one positive about Paul making 20 million is you can trade him for another guy making 20 million....Calling the New York Knicks

3 time All Star. 20 million dollar man

Piss poor Milsap. Nice job of letting them get back in the series you piece of crap

Sap gave this one away

And I'm sorry but I can't live with Sap being this bad offensively. Missing layups...cmon now

Sap is definitely not "Mr. April".

I see nothing from Sap that makes me think he will ball out. He looks slow

The Best of the Rest:

Celtics are gonna blow this thing wide open, you can feel the energy there!

Gut this team Grant Hill!!!

If you get up like you wanna do something, you ought to be made to..

Isiah Thomas scaring nobody

Thank you. Much deserved technical for the wannabe thug, Isiah

Thomas stays crying

Here comes Soft A$$ Al!!!

LOL, all these dudes wearing all these hard tats like they are so tough but are soft as tissue paper


I want guards who can shoot..Dennis is not part of that equation..

Isaiah Thomas pulled a b*tch move on Dennis, then tries to act like an innocent angel. How annoying

Celtics going for the injury technique that they effectively used against Kevin Love last year.

Mark Jackson would toughen up these Big Softies!

Amir Johnson has squatters right when he goes in the goodness 3 seconds refs

embarrassment time for the Hawks. Taken to the woodshed by a crippled Celtic team.

This kid Rozier is killing open shots!!!

Where did Turner get all of this attitude? Who the eff does he think he is?

As time marches on, Coach Bud has become less impressive..

Bazemore is Garbage!!!

Is Dennis our Danny Ainge?

I am out. Come back on Monday Hawks (they play on Sunday buddy)

All thanks to Al Horford making that stupid pass

Shoot, down 19...OH, the Humanity!

Missing layups. Allstars playing like scrubs. It's just embarrassing

Same shit new year. Up 2-0 on a team missig players and you come out sleepwalking

BAze is killing his team, seems as though he doesn't really care

Darn shame this team can't put away an inferior team. No Josh and Joe to put the blame on now, so what's the excuse?

Wow, could this series go seven games? I cringe at that scenario..

Al and Paul softer than wet baby booboo

I am Sick and Tired of Horford and Milsap!!!!!

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, then we would all have a Merry Christmas!

Smart's flopping going overboard

they have never been this soft..they should be ashamed...

Smart is about 10 grand in the hole with all that flopping

They come out of a timeout with that SMH

I told you Sorry Clowns that the Hawks would LOSE tonight!!!!!!

Al hanging out aat the three when its a 2 possession game. get buckets and stop clowning around at the perimeter

Celtics tryin walkoff shots

teague oughta be ashamed for letting thomas get off like this

Dumb coaching. Sap been struggling all night and you put the ball in his hands

Sap has been fouled like six times in this game with no call, but still has to be better

Horrible coaching, horrible play from are all star bigs. No excuse for that

And Finally...The Comment of the Night:

Bad porn is better than watching good Hawks basketball

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