Evan Turner has a very particular set of skills (for 2nd year in a row he's putting up numbers nobody else is)

Evan Turner can be a maddening basketball player to watch.  But, the things that drive us crazy about him are also what make him most effective:

The second tweet was in response to this absurd hoop by Turner, which came with 2:15 left against the Warriors and the Celtics clinging to a 101-96 lead:

ET's seemingly out-of-control forays through the paint have led to him being referred to as "Evan Turnover" by many a C's fan.  However, despite the fact that he often appears out of control, Turner actually turns the ball over with a surprisingly low frequency for someone who contributes what he does on the basketball court.

Take a look at this stat from Celts radio play-by-play man Sean Grande:

Last season, Turner was the only player in the NBA to grab 400 rebounds and dish out 400 assists while turning the ball over fewer than 200 hundred times.  In fact, he was just the second guy to accomplish that feat in the past five years.

An eye abrasion will keep Turner out of the Pelicans game Wednesday, but Brad Stevens hopes to have him back for Milwaukee on Friday.  As the leader of the second unit, Turner's unique skill set will be heavily relied upon during Boston's playoff drive.

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