Evan Turner finishes 5th in Sixth Man of the Year Award voting

The NBA's Sixth Man of the Year Award winner was announced today, with the Clippers Jamal Crawford taking home the honors for a third time.  Evan Turner finished fifth in the balloting:

Turner received three first-place votes:

Celtics coach Brad Stevens had high praise for Turner's candidacy:

And via Jay King at Mass Live, here's what Turner had to say upon learning the results:

I thought Enes Kanter was gonna win. Last night when I was watching games I didn't realize he had so many double-doubles. But I didn't really expect to win in general, so fifth or first it doesn't really obviously matter. But it's cool to be getting that recognition and be acknowledged for that. That's definitely cool. But right now the focus is just on playoffs.

Kanter was my choice as well, and I couldn't agree more with the following statement:

Take a look at the stats for players with at least 55 games off the bench this season.  Kanter, Will Barton, Ryan Anderson and Darren Collison were all potentially more deserving than Crawford.

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