Rajon Rondo reminds Derek Fisher how the 2008 Finals ended

The rumors of former Boston Celtics captain Rajon Rondo joining the New York Knicks for the 2016-17 season are picking up steam and I for one am ecstatic.

After a shaky return from injury with the Celtics to begin last season, and an even shaker stint in Dallas, the 2015-16 season has seen Rondo return to near All-Star Rondo form. The challenging part for Rondo is that the position he plays has evolved the most of any on the court in recent years and many pundits question his role on any team now that the point guard is much more than facilitator.

Rondo's best weapon is the assist, which only counts when he's getting the ball to a superior scorer, which leads me to believe that there may be some substance to the Rondo-to-NYC storyline that has been gurgling over the last few weeks. For all the criticism that follows him, Carmelo Anthony is still a premier scorer, and one who has championed the idea of bringing Rondo aboard to remix the #KnicksTape.

Melo's endorsement aside, As reported by Comcast Bay Area, the interim coach of the New York Knicks Kurt Rambis is "high" on Rondo's abilities and thinks he could be a fit for New York's triangle offense.

Previously, Rondo has been critical of the triangle, but backtracked by saying to the New York Post,

“I had a comment earlier about it, but if I put my mind at it, I think I can be good at anything,”

Classic Rondo.

While in town to play the Knicks over the weekend, the Classic Rondo Quote Machine kept churning out hits. In February, then Knicks head coach Derek Fisher chimed in on reporters asking Rondo what he thought of playing in the triangle offense with,

You can’t ask a player who wasn’t very successful playing against it if he wants to play in it.


Not to be out zinged when reminded of the comments, Rondo replied during shoot around,

He might’ve blacked out a couple of times,” Rondo said Sunday at a shoot around at Madison Square Garden. “We beat their ass in ’08.

Rondo did admit that the Lakers got them back in '10 Finals, but I don't think anyone would say it was because Fish laid the smack down on an entering-his-prime #9.

So how does all of this lead me to believe the Knicks might be asking Rondo to the dance in this off-season? Because of "Basketball Reasons."

  • Rondo is coming off of a contract year in basketball purgatory when the cap is going up. Perfect time for someone to overspend. 
  • The Knicks don't have any draft picks, which means they need to gamble on existing stars. 
  • Melo isn't going ANYWHERE which means the Knicks need to surround their All-Star with players who can make him look good. 
  • It will be hard to find someone who can get the ball to Melo in better fashion than Rondo. 
  • Rondo is already winning fans over by trash talking the coach the Knicks and their fans ran out of town. It's just so Knicks it hurts.

If the rumors are true that the Knicks could also be in the hunt for Dwight Howard, that is reason enough to renew NBA League Pass. If they sign Josh Smith it would the real live team I took to the finals in NBA 2K09.

There isn't a whole lot of moves the Knicks can make. They don't have a lot of assets that would fetch impact players in trades, and they need all the draft picks they can get. With only two marquee players in Melo and Porzingis, the Knicks best bet as staying out of the NBA basement is signing guys like Rondo. It's not that crazy and it's really not that bad of a plan.

Plus I'll say it again... it's just so Knicks it hurts.

This needs to happen.

Photo Source: NBASeasonAllSeason