Isaiah Thomas was not happy with last night's refs

These last few games without Jae Crowder have been frustrating for everyone. Last night's against the Toronto Raptors may have been the most frustrating of all. The Raptors are that one team ahead of us in the Eastern Conference all season that we realistically think the Celtics deserve the same amount of respect, fear, and credit as. They have been just that little bit better than us throughout the year, but the C's and their fans think the gap is tiny.

Last night was a great opportunity for the Celtics to prove that, but of course it just happened to come on the heels of the Jae Crowder injury. Not only that, but also a 3 game losing streak that while against good teams, still saw the Celtics getting smacked around.

Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics entered last night's game with that type of frustration on a simmer, and it just got worse. The Raptors were the better team last night, but the bigger problem for Isaiah was the lack of respect shown by the refs. All season long Thomas has not quite got the whistles you would expect an All Star to get. He is small, and yes he does throw his body into contact at times, but throughout the year the little guy has taken a beating.

Last night there were a few forays into the lane that didn't get a whistle that were a little worse than usual. If you combine that with the whistles he had to watch Toronto All Stars Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan get treated to, you just knew it was going to piss him off, and it did with a late 4th quarter technical foul. It felt very pre-2008 Paul Pierce.

Tommy Heinsohn just went from six to midnight. I don't blame you at all Isaiah. The refs dogged you, your team is struggling, the game was decided at the point you got the T, and you had to blow off some steam. Hopefully in the future the C's and Thomas handle getting shafted a little bit better, but I don't think this one is so bad. The C's have to rally, and you don't do that by just sitting around and taking it.

Photo Credit: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

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