Wait, Kevin Durant likes other cities too? Not just Boston?

When Kevin Durant came to town this week, he said some very nice things when asked about the Celtics and the city of Boston.  Naturally, we got excited.  His coach, Billy Donovan, immediately threw cold water on our fire by suggesting that's just the type of person Durant is.  Via Jay King of Mass Live, Donovan said:

I think Kevin has always been respectful. That's my point. He's a great guy. I don't think Kevin would ever say anything derogatory about another team or player or things like that. That's not who he is. And I think when he gets put in those situations he's only going to say positive things because that's who he is.

Two days later Durant and the Thunder visited Philadelphia, and the superstar free-agent-to-be made good on his coach's words:

If Durant likes every city he visits, maybe Isaiah Thomas had the right idea to go above and beyond by using his kid to try to recruit KD here?

Or maybe not...

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