Ainge, Celtics reportedly willing to trade Brooklyn pick for Blake Griffin

Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald reports that sources say the Celtics could be willing to trade the unprotected first round Brooklyn Nets draft pick in exchange for Los Angeles Clippers star forward Blake Griffin. Bulpett's claims came in a post on the Boston Heralds website last night.

According to Bulpett:

It would take someone on Griffin’s level to get Ainge to part with the first-round pick from Brooklyn, but sources tell the Herald it would definitely be on the table in that case.

Bulpett claims that only Griffin would truly draw the BK pick out from Ainge while Kevin Love and Al Horford would not be enticing enough for the Celtics to be willing to part with a possibly top-3 pick.

The deadline is just under four hours away, and until it hits three o'clock, no one will know for sure what Ainge, or other GM's are really planning.

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