Dallas pulls off the win late in overtime, snapping Boston's winning streak 118-113

This one was ugly in the first half, but things picked up in the second. Boston had to claw for a lead and got it in the second half, though Dallas picked it up late in overtime to win 118-113. That's a testament to how well teams coached by Rick Carlisle play, as the Mavs had great ball movement and didn't have as many turnovers compared to what Boston usually does.

Boston's lack of offense reared its ugly head again in the first half with the Celtics struggling to get any points at all. It also didn't help that two of Boston's best scorers, Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder, were cold for much of the first two quarters and Crowder did not have a good game in his return to Dallas, but he did try to come up big late with clutch free throws at the end of regulation. Thomas turned it on in the second half and Boston ended up taking a lead late in the third quarter.

For Boston, Avery Bradley had 19 points, eight rebounds and five assists, Marcus Smart had 20 points and eight rebounds, Thomas had 20 points and seven assists though he didn't hit a single three going 0-4 from deep, and Kelly Olynyk had 17 points and five rebounds.

For Dallas, all-time great Dirk Nowitzki had 31 points and 11 rebounds, Deron Williams had 20 points and six assists, and Zaza Pachulia had 19 rebounds.

The Celtics next face the formidable Raptors Wednesday.

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