COJ: Sheridan not backing down on Cousins to Celtics rumor

Despite a report stating that the Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics haven't had even a single conversation about the temperamental big from arguably Boston's most plugged in reporter, Chris Sheridan isn't ready to back down. Again today insisting on twitter that the two teams have had at least some level of recent discussions regarding DeMarcus Cousins' availability.

.@celtics GM Danny Ainge wouldnt say his name on radio Thursday. But we have sources saying he wants @boogiecousins

This is what Sheridan is referencing

"I think the one thing that we could really use is a go-to scorer," Ainge said on the Toucher & Rich show. "We have some guys that have carried us -- Kelly (Olynyk has) carried us, Avery (Bradley has) carried us, Isaiah (Thomas has) carried us, (Jared Sullinger has) carried us at moments during the season, Evan Turner has carried us. But we have got to -- it would be nice to find another player that's a reliable scorer at the end of games, night in and night out."
Source: Toucher & Rich, courtesy Jay King

I've lost grip on if Sheridan and the people under him are credible reporters, but this makes sense, right? Ainge is openly saying that team would like to add a go-to scorer. The list of go-to scorers that could become available this season is limited. By my count, two (though by Eric Blaisdell's count in his excellent piece about the C's staggering offense there's much more). Of those two players - Carmelo Anthony - is presumably too old for the Celtics to have interest in (he'll be 32 at the conclusion of this season).

It feels odd thinking Bulpett is wrong, but I just can't see a situation where the league's biggest tire kicker hasn't made at least one call to the Kings to check in on Cousins - if for no other reason than to gauge the price, if there is even one.

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