Tyler Zeller cannot be proud of this Terry Rozier stat

If you weren't upset enough about the final score of the Celtics game against Indiana.

Or the game before that.

Or the game before that.

Now there's this gem of a stat:

Your reaction to this information will prove whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. Sure, Tyler Zeller isn't grabbing missed shots (negative), but Terry Rozier is killing it on the boards (positive).

In fact, if Rozier had played 48 minutes he would've been projected to grab 40 rebounds for the game. Meanwhile, at 3 rebounds in every 4 games, Zeller would outrebound the Boston guard eventually, but only after a full season's worth of games (projected 61.5 in 82 games).

Obviously these are small sample sizes and projections would represent an irresponsible use of statistical mathematics.

Let's face it. 40 rebounds in one game is unrealistic and would represent more grabbed misses than a Louisville recruitment party. [rimshot]

In Zeller's defense, sometimes rebounding is difficult, even when you're tall. There are other tall guys trying to get the ball at the same time.

And many of them are sweaty.

Chances are things will smooth over and skill sets will emerge. It's only been four games.

And to be fair, I have grabbed zero rebounds all season, which really doesn't put me in a position to be critical.

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