Danny Ainge would rather shower with Greg Kite than attend Bill Walton's birthday

Happy 63rd Birthday to Boston Celtic legend Bill Walton, who was born on this day in 1952. It has been a great year for Walton, who got to see his beloved Grateful Dead reunite, is currently seeing his son Luke hold down the fort at Golden State, and just announced the March of 2016 release of his long awaited memoirs. Although heavy odds are that this year's birthday celebration won't top the one he had in 1985.

According to the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy, that birthday was held at the Celtics practice facility at Hellenic College, and it included a visit from a stripper hired by Walton's first wife to perform for Bill at half court after practice.
A couple of members of the Grateful Dead were on hand (Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, if memory serves), but the one thing I’m certain of is that Danny Ainge and Greg Kite bolted for the locker room as soon as the young lady with the boom box began her routine.

“Whatever happened to a simple birthday cake?’’ Kite asked as he left the scene.

A red-faced Walton sat in a folding chair at midcourt for the performance, which had been OK’d by Celtics coach K.C. Jones. Something tells me this would not happen today.

A simple birthday cake? How does a guy with a mustache like 80's Greg Kite prefer birthday cake to strippers?

This day was just prior to the time that Walton attempted to get the Celtics to join him at a Grateful Dead show, and everyone but Ainge attended. I'm not here to tell you that Danny Ainge isn't a great man, but man that is a big 0-2. It's amazing Bird and Walton even let him ride on the team bus.

Also, sounds like Walton's first wife was perfect. Sending a stripper to your husband's job on his birthday for him and his coworkers to enjoy? Talk about a woman that gets it.

Kudos to K.C. Jones for allowing it too. I bet he stayed in the facility just to prove he could watch all this hoopla and not change his facial expression, or even be fazed by the situation at all. It's called leadership, bravo K.C.

Happy Birthday Bill, hope you top '85.

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